Who doesn’t know this? You’re getting tons of robocalls, about student loans (even if you don’t have them), bogus extended car warranties for a car that you’ve never owned or annoying debt collector calls, threatening you with legal action even though you’re not owing anyone any money. My research has shown that in 2019, almost half of all calls throughout the US were robocalls and the number keeps on growing. In 2018, the total amount of robocalls throughout the US was 48 billion calls. It’s hard, if not impossible to stop them. I suggest using the app “RoboKiller” which already filters out a lot of scam and spam calls but by far not all. But with this technique, you’ll be looking forward to receiving unsolicited robocalls. “Why?” you may ask. Because those robocalls are breaking a law known as the Telephone Consumer Protection Act or short TCPA, and you may sue the robocallers for damages but it’s easier than that. In this video, I show you how it’s done in general, and then I’ll tell you about my own experiences and how I made my money.

If you want to do the same and require help in this, shoot me an email at [email protected]. I probably won’t be able to help everyone simply because there are so many other projects I’m working on but I will handle channel members prioritized so do consider joining my channel and supporting this channel and the fight against scammers if you need some additional help. Happy Scambaiting!


Julian Draper · 24th December 2020 at 18:43

Neep, do you need a lawyer for TCPA lawsuits in the United States, there is tons of them besides, robocalls.

    NeeP · 27th December 2020 at 22:20

    I litigate myself to save costs = more profit for myself. I know Agruss Law firm which specializes in TCPA lawsuits. So I guess I’m fine for now.

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