To scambait, you need to find active scammer numbers. There are multiple ways and sources to find those numbers and it also depends on which type of scam you’re looking for. Here are the most important sources: is our scambaiting forum with about 30,000 registered users. Founded in December 2016, it’s a general forum where you can find all sorts of scammer numbers, from tech support scammers that use fake popups to advertise their number over printer and router support numbers, IRS and SSA scammers to US-based scams and robocallers such as student loan and extended vehicle warranty robocallers. The forum allows users to collaborate and together investigate a specific call center and gather evidence which can also help to warn future victims because the forum posts show in the Google search results for the phone number. You can also use the forum to asks questions about scambaiting and find some tutorials with further information.


While BobRTC is mainly designed as a telephony tool to call scammers, it also works as a source of numbers. The built-in phonebook has a huge list of scammer numbers which are also sorted into various categories so you can find exactly the type of scam which you want to bait.