Have you ever received a robocall or a scam call and wanted to find out which carrier or VoIP provider to contact to shut them down? Here’s a list of useful websites:

Tools to look up US numbers:

Tool to look up International numbers:

How to report scammer numbers?

ScammerBlaster has made a huge list of VoIP carriers and their respective abuse report email addresses. You can find the list here: ScammerBlaster Carrier List. Just CTRL + F and search for the carrier’s name to get the contact email address. Then write them an email with the following text:

Hello [VoIP carrier] Team,

I have found a fake popup displaying an error message which impersonates Microsoft and claims my PC is infected with viruses and that the number displayed on it will lead to technicians which will remove it. This is a scam attempt known as the Microsoft technical scam. Please check below-mentioned number and deactivate it if possible:

Popup URL: [Popup Link]
Our Analysis: [PopupDB Link]
Phone Number: [Phone Number]
Carrier Name: [Carrier Name]

It is important that the issue is being checked as fast as possible so that further fraud can be prevented. If you have any questions or need further details and explanation, please don't hesitate to contact me.
Thanks a lot in advance!

Best Regards,

The results vary from carrier to carrier but some of them are happy to have your support in finding fraudulent customers and get it shut down immediately. Anyway, keep trying!


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