English-speaking Microsoft tech support scam call centers based in Delhi, India, are pretty known at this point. But little research and investigation have been done in regards to non-English speaking call centers. We managed to hack a call center that targets German victims, with the scammers conducting the scam purely in the German language over the phone. Based on the access we had we also managed to refund victims of the scam. Be ready for some next-level stuff. This was made by the Unscammed Team:

We uncovered multiple company names and identities they use:

  • SCS Technologies
  • SPM, Technologies
  • SS Techno
  • Lumineux Informatik
  • Digitronix LLC
  • E Solutions LLC – Director Prem Ratan Rana

Some of their employees are Charm Chopra, Shalini Negi, Himanshu Maholtra, Sahil Narang, Sahil Chanana and Shubham Chawla.


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