Fake Bank: Norristown Union

A fake bank is used for baiting refund scammers which will ask you to log in to your bank account. The fake bank will provide a realistic-looking UI and additionally, it will contain additional features to trace the scammer’s IP address among other things.

➡️ Link: norristownunion.vercel.app/index.html
➡️ Tutorial: youtube.com/watch?v=sTaTYkPKH2A

Fake Google Play Store

This fake Google Play will “redeem” any gift card code you type in. The amount of money redeemed is formed by the digits in the code. For example, “JKL1NS0JKLHJ0HVM” would “redeem” $100 and “5HXHK0GHKL0GJAZO” would “redeem” $500. No money is actually redeemed to any account.

➡️ Link: https://norristownunion.vercel.app/google%20play.html


Fake Popup Number Finder: PopupDB

This website will open many tabs of typo squatted domains that might redirect you to a fake tech support scam popup containing scammer telephone numbers. Just select with the slider how many tabs you want to open at once and see the magic happening. Don’t forget to allow pop-ups on this site.

➡️ Link: popupdb.org/generator

Fake Name Generator

This website is extremely useful for creating a fake identity. You’ll get a fake name, fake address, birth date, and even fake but plausible credit card details which can be useful for scambaiting when the scammer asks you to fill out any forms.

➡️ Link https://www.fakenamegenerator.com

IP Logger via image

Does a scammer ask you for a receipt or photo of any kind? Use this tool to create a file that will get some dirt on the scammer’s device and send it to you by email.

➡️ Link https://norristownunion.vercel.app/ip%20logger.html